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Seeing in a New Light – ACRG Seminar

Seeing in a new light: How can polynomial texture mapping help record forensic investigations of cremations? Polynomial texture mapping is an image capture and processing technique used to record and represent details from a surface. It has been utilised in archaeology, cultural heritage projects, and forensics. Through the combination of traditional photography and lighting equipment, and a piece of free software, it is providing a new level of detail and malleability in modelling. Continue reading →

AHRC RTISAD project legacy – six months on

It has now been six months since the end of the project. We have continued to publish on the project and are collecting more and more RTI data each day. During the project we only had a limited opportunity to develop the teaching aspect so we have concentrated since then on integrating RTI more and more into the curriculum at Southampton, and also thinking about life-long learning possibilities. Continue reading →