The following lists all publications by members of the ACRG in the last two years.



Gourvenec, Susan, Sturt, Fraser, Reid, Emily and Trigos, Federico (2021) Global assessment of historical, current and forecast ocean energy infrastructure: Implications for marine space planning, sustainable design and end-of-engineered-life management. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 154 (February 111794), [111794]. (doi:10.1016/j.rser.2021.111794).
Nunn, Patrick D., Creach, Axel, Gehrels, W. Roland, Bradley, Sarah L., Armit, Ian, Stéphan, Pierre, Sturt, Fraser and Baltzer, Agnès (2021) Observations of postglacial sea-level rise in northwest European traditions. Geoarchaeology. (doi:10.1002/gea.21898).


Beresford-Jones, David G., Friesem, David, Sturt, Fraser, Pullen, Alexander, Chauca, George, Moat, Justin, Gorriti, Manuel, Maita, Patricia, Jolly, Delphine, Huaman, Oliver, Lane, Kevin and French, Charles (2022) Insights into changing coastlines, environments and marine hunter-gatherer lifestyles on the Pacific coast of South America from the La Yerba II shell midden, Río Ica estuary, Peru. Quaternary Science Reviews, 285, 1-25, [107509]. (doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2022.107509).

Book Section


Grant, Michael, Timpany, Scott, Sturt, Fraser and de Vitry d’Avaucourt, Alice (2021) Prehistoric activity on the Atlantic coastline: Westward Ho! submerged forest. In, Barnett, Catherine and Walker, Thomas (eds.) Environment, Archaeology and Landscape: Papers in honour of Professor Martin Bell. Oxford. Archaeopress, pp. 29-38.
Keay, Simon, Campbell, Peter, Crawford, Katherine and Moreno Escobar, Maria del Carmen (2021) Space, accessibility and movement at the Portus Romae. In, Vermeulen, Frank and Zuiderhoek, Arjan (eds.) Space, Movement and the Economy in Roman Cities in Italy and beyond. London & New York. Routledge, pp. 373-415.

Conference or Workshop Item


Ward, Ingrid, Bastos, Alex, Carabias, Diego, Cawthra, Hayley, Farr, Helen, Green, Andrew and Sturt, Fraser (2022) Submerged Palaeolandscapes of the Southern Hemisphere (SPLOSH) - What is emerging from the Southern Hemisphere. 24 pp . (In Press)



Tyler-Jones, Matthew (2021) What Can Heritage Professionals Learn from Open World Games? University of Southampton, Doctoral Thesis, 215pp.

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