Postgraduate study

MSc Spatial Technologies

This programme introduces a wide range of spatial analytical methods and current developments in spatial computation in archaeology.

MSc Virtual Pasts

This programme, in addition to providing a broad range of transferable skills, offers a means to obtain ‘virtual archaeology’ skills. This includes the creation of dynamic websites, graphic design and illustration, image processing and vector graphics.

MSc Survey and Landscapes

This programme covers the main aspects of archaeological survey; archaeological survey and recording (including survey of the built environment), archaeological geophysics, and archaeological field evaluation.

Research Degrees

The ACRG has a large and vibrant community of MPhil and Doctoral researchers. We are able to supervise theses across the whole spectrum of archaeological community, and encourage collaboration and co-supervision with computing researchers and staff from across the University.

Thinking of studying a Postgraduate Research Programme in Archaeology?

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