About the ACRG

The Archaeological Computing Research Group provides a focus for the computer – based research in the Archaeology Discipline at Southampton. Its members are involved in a wide range of research projects, and have links with a number of other institutions and departments, including computer science and electronic engineering.

We have been engaged in cutting edge research in the field of archaeological computation for the past 20 years. In addition to a large number of funded research projects, staff are involved in two¬†masters programmes –¬†Spatial Technologiesand¬†Virtual Pasts¬†– and in the supervision of¬†many PhD students.

Our current research includes work on Semantic Web data integration for archaeological datasets from the Mediterranean, online GIS systems, archaeological data management systems, object data capture via laser scanning, polynomial texture mapping, and digital photogrammetry, animation and digital representation theory, structural simulation of built environments, virtual repainting of Roman objects, simulation and physically accurate rendering of conservation procedures, spatial and network analysis of a range of landscape and urban datasets, lighting analysis, and the three-dimensional analysis of space and spatial experience.

We have recently moved into new purpose built facilities at the Avenue Campus. This is the base for our research, teaching and consulting work, and is equipped with state-of-the-art audio visual facilities and research hardware, including interactive white boards, a passive stereo visualisation system, laser scanning, digitising arm, scanning and digital photography areas. Our lab also functions as part of a wider render farm and parallel processing environment.

Members of the research group include current lecturing staff, post-doctoral researchers, PhD students and other affiliated people and groups. Our current projects include mathematical modelling, GIS analyses and development, virtual reality and animation, multimedia including XML, ASP.NET, PHP and ColdFusion, (online) database design and implementation, geophysical and topographic survey processing and other areas.

Key expertise:

  • Computational research –¬†GIS,¬†CAD,¬†multimedia, and data management
  • Innovative teaching –¬†Virtual Pasts¬†and¬†Spatial Technologies
  • Professional consultancy

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