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Joining the Dots with Pelagios 3

The Pelagios 3 project is a community-driven initiative led by the University of Southampton that is annotating, linking and indexing place references in documents that use written or visual representation to describe geographic space prior to the European discovery of the Americas in 1492. They include ancient and medieval geographic descriptions (geographiae and chorographiae and itineraries) world maps (mappaemundi) and portolan charts. Continue reading →

Learning to Share: Has the rise of social media changed the way we think about sharing our research data?

Today, we routinely share information about ourselves and our work in ways that would have been unthinkable even ten years ago. The rise of the Web, and in particular social media, has not only altered how we share information, but the whole ethos of what we share and why. The current debate in publication over open access, and requirements for the archiving of data by funders, is further shifting the question of whether to share our data from 'Why should I?' to 'Why haven't you?'. Continue reading →