We are based in the Digital Archaeology Laboratory in the new archaeology building. This is a dedicated computer laboratory equipped with 20 dual – monitor high specification DELL Precision Workstations.

The lab also benefits from a high specification dual monitor Mac for video and graphics processing. In addition we operate two dedicated Windows file and web servers and an additional Linux server, and administer a branch of the SOTON Active Directory.

The new laboratory has upgraded workstation and other hardware and software facilities, including passive and active stereo visualisation systems, specialist quad processor dual and quad core graphics workstations, and a digital video compositing and editing suite. As with the rest of the new building it incorporates state of the art audio visual teaching facilities.

For graphics applications we operate an in-house render farm. As part of the University of Southampton’s impressive IT and E – Research infrastructure we benefit from access to high performance computational facilities such as IRIDIS (soon to host a new render farm) and CONDOR, fast web access and offsite backup.

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