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Penny Copeland

Hi all, I'm Penny, one of the supervisors at Portus. I will be in charge of processing all the finds that come up during the excavation. So that means washing and cleaning finds, identification and some recording on our very own intranet database. We will also be doing finds photography. I've been working on the Portus finds since our first excavation in 2007 and I hope we will see some really good stuff coming up - it is already looking very promising! I look forward to meeting you all soon. Continue reading →

Paul Cripps

I am currently researching the application of semantic and geosemantic technologies for archaeological research, based in the Hypermedia Research Group at the University of South Wales. For more information, see my Archaeogeomancy website and follow the GSTAR links. I am currently studying for a PhD in Computer Science, the project titled 'GeoSemantic Technologies for Archaeological Research. Continue reading →

Joana Valdez-Tullett

For some authors (e.g. Bradley 1997; Fairén 2007) Atlantic Rock Art is an artistic tradition that spreads along distinct geographic regions such as the British Isles (namely the Northeast of England, Scotland and Ireland), Brittany and Northwest Iberia, unified through the cup and ring motif. But is a single motif enough to unify a phenomenon? Several approaches have been developed on the theme, creating different theories. Continue reading →