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Fraser Sturt

I am a specialist in maritime prehistory and geoarchaeology who has been lucky enough to work on projects both on land and underwater across the globe: from survey and excavation in South, Central and North America, through to diver and ROV work in Europe.  Over the last five years my research interests have seen me work on a variety of Research Council funded projects whilst also developing close collaborative links with offshore industries. Continue reading →

David Selmo

Prehistory archaeology in the State of Florida (USA) focuses much attention on the Archaic period. Of the 1000+ known Paleoindian sites in Florida, Wakulla Springs, ‘Site #24’ has yielded archaic archaeological finds for over 100 years.   At the bottom of the basin near the cave is a scattering of mastodon bones.  During surveys in 2008 divers happened upon a mastodon fossil with deep grooves characteristic of prehistoric human activity in the form of ‘butchery marks’. Continue reading →

Philip Riris

Third-year PhD student in archaeological computing, focused on pre-Columbian technological systems and landscape use in northern Argentina. Interests include computational modelling, simulation-based approaches to spatial analysis and spatial statistics. I primarily make use of GNU R and the spatstat package, as well as ArcMap. Continue reading →

Roy Wilde

After a 35 year military career, I ran a 700 year-old City of London Livery Company for 10 years. This involved looking after a Grade 1 listed building and scheduled ancient monument in addition to running the Company's educational charity and its membership organisation. I am currently chairman of the Fusilier Museum in the Tower of London and still act as Honorary Secretary to the British Candle-makers' Federation. Continue reading →