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Romanisation, territory and landscape in Roman Baetica: an insight from archaeological spatial analysis and statistics

This seminar will deal with alternative insights into the issue of Romanisation (understood as the cultural change between pre-Roman and Roman times) in the south of the Iberian peninsula. Traditional ways to deal with Romanisation have focused on archaeological items such as pottery, funerary traditions and architecture, and therefore have studied individual elements of the archaeological record as evidence for cultural change. Continue reading →

ACRG Seminar: Laser scanning at Ostia and Pompei

Laser scanning at Ostia and Pompei: architecture and urban infrastructure Professor Yoshiki Hori from the Department of Architecture and Urban Design at Kyushu University, Japan, will speak about  his laser scanning survey of the Roman towns of Pompeii and Ostia. Hori's research has used laser scanning to improve upon the accuracy of traditional drawings used to record these sites, as well as exploring different properties of the sites' structures. Continue reading →

Digital Boat Recording: the latest technologies

The University of Southampton Centre for Maritime Archaeology and Archaeological Computing Research Group, with the support of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute, are pleased to announce a workshop on 'Digital Boat Recording: the latest technologies', that will be held at the University of Southampton, Faculty of Humanities, Lecture Theatre B on May 20th 2013 between 09:30 - 13:15. Continue reading →

Heritage Punk – ACRG Seminar

Update: Video added This Thursday an ACRG seminar will be given by Matthew Tyler Jones (National Trust/University of Southampton) on  digital narrative and heritage. All are welcome to attend. The communication revolution that started in the 1970’s with affordable photocopying is now equipped with mobile devices that an access, and create and publish, media of every sort. But Cultural heritage has been slow to join the revolution. Continue reading →

York Heritage Seminar Series: Description, Dialogue or Debate? Examining the role of narrative in the visualisation of archaeology

Tuesday 26 February we will be live-streaming another York Heritage Seminar, this time by the archaeological illustrator John Swogger who will talk about "Description, Dialogue or Debate? Examining the role of narrative in the visualisation of archaeology". The seminar will take place at 5:30pm in room 3043 (archaeological computing lab) building 65A (Avenue Campus), and you will be able to ask questions to the speaker. Continue reading →

York Heritage Seminar Series: Digital Dwelling at Skara Brae

Tuesday 29 January 2013 5.30pm, we will be live-streaming the York Heritage Seminar Series in the archaeological computing lab (room 3043) in the Archaeology building (65a, Avenue Campus) at the University of Southampton. Participants to this event will be able to ask questions to the speaker remotely. This talk will discuss a collaborative project between three visualisation specialists (Watterson, Watson and Baxter) each with very different methods and mediums of working. Continue reading →

Seeing in a New Light – ACRG Seminar

Seeing in a new light: How can polynomial texture mapping help record forensic investigations of cremations? Polynomial texture mapping is an image capture and processing technique used to record and represent details from a surface. It has been utilised in archaeology, cultural heritage projects, and forensics. Through the combination of traditional photography and lighting equipment, and a piece of free software, it is providing a new level of detail and malleability in modelling. Continue reading →