Heritage Punk – ACRG Seminar

Update: Video added

This Thursday an ACRG seminar will be given by Matthew Tyler Jones (National Trust/University of Southampton) on  digital narrative and heritage. All are welcome to attend.

The communication revolution that started in the 1970’s with affordable photocopying is now equipped with mobile devices that an access, and create and publish, media of every sort. But Cultural heritage has been slow to join the revolution. For the most part, sites have continued to conform to the pre-punk communication paradigm – transmitting their messages with carefully curated information panels and guidebook or commissioning introductory videos and audioguides with diligently edited and approved scripts, and celebratory presenters. Cultural heritage’s professionals and volunteers only dabble in the social network with the security of their institution’s risk management procedures and internet policies to keep them in check.

How can digital technologies enable participative storytelling at cultural heritage sites? What can real-world places learn from digital narratives about giving visitors freedom to explore and allowing them to become participants in the story making? Where can small creative businesses work with the heritage, increasing footfall, improving visitor experience and engaging new audiences?