The voice of Easter Island in the British Museum

Over the past year myself, Hembo Pagi and Graeme Earl from the ACRG have been working with Mike Pitts, editor of the British Archaeology Journal, on the Hoa Hakananai’a statue at the British Museum. The work included the production of a virtual model, through photogrammetry and a series of Reflectance Transformation Images to study the petroglyphs found on the statue. The analysis of this work is ongoing but we are happy to announce that an article entitled “The story of Hoa Hakananai’a” appeared in British Archaeology issue 130 pages 24 -31.

You can view the article online at British Archaeology Magazine website with some of the results found below. Research papers are currently in preparation for peer review of the completed work and an introduction to the project was given by myself at the Computer Applications and Quantitative Method in Archaeology 2013 conference in Perth, Australia.

More about the article on Mike Pitt’s Blog

Example RTI views (click to change)

Animation of the photogramnetry work

[vimeo 63597731 w=470 h=360]

3D model in GrabCAD

View it with GrabCAD viewer

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