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Çatalhöyük: Shrine of the Hunters

Çatalhöyük: Shrine of the Hunters from Artas Media on Vimeo. Last year during my presentation at the VIA conference I was asked the question "When will you be creating an animation?" and it was one of the main talking points during the 45 minute question and answer session that accompanied the end of my paper. Continue reading →

Citi Money Gallery – A recap

Animation showing Computed Tomography of coin hoard and visualisation of the hoard from Digital Economy USRG on Vimeo. Animation created from 3D images of the Selby area hoard inside one of its two pots (c) University of Southampton 2012. A higher quality version can be seen on my gallery page. The video is a combination of CT Scanning of the Selby Hoard, produced and processed by Richard Boardman and Mark Mavrogordato (mu-Vis CT centre: Continue reading →