Royal Archaeological Institute meeting at the Society of Antiquaries of London

Amazing venue of Society of Antiquaries of London

Yesterday myself, Hembo Pagi and Gareth Beale gave an hour’s talk at the Royal Archaeological Institute meeting at the Society of Antiquaries of London. The talk was based on the recent work that the research group has completed and was arranged by their president Professor David Hinton.

The talk was based on recent Computed Tomography scanning that ACRG and the MuVis centre has completed, triangulation and time of flight laser scanning and numerous examples of photogrammetric modelling. The talk then expanded on these techniques, highlighting their potential within archaeology, both for accurate representations and as tools for public dissemination. Hembo then gave a brief introduction to RTI showing a number of examples from previous ACRG collaborated projects, including the biblical inscription from the Staffordshire hoard. Gareth followed this by highlighting the potential that 3D modelling has within the discipline, showcasing some of his work including the Anglo Saxon Witham Bowl model that he created based on a water colour (The bowl has been lost since 1868). He expanded on this 3D modelling to highlight to the audience the potential that 3D printing has, again showcasing his work on the Portus statue head which were able to show. Hembo then finished the talk off by demonstrating how to record and process an RTI.

The audience seemed very interested in the work, and it is hoped that further projects could be created around their own research fields in collaboration with ACRG.