Peter Campbell

Peter’s research focuses on identifying social and behavioral aspects of maritime trade through quantitative methods, including using mass spectrometry, UV/IR fluorescence, and x-ray fluorescence.  Recent projects locations include Albania, Greece, Italy, Spain, and United States. Current projects and upcoming publications include molecular analysis of shipwreck remains, ritual use of submerged caves, the role of archaeology in modern identity formation, the structure of the illicit antiquities trade, and 3D scanning and elemental analysis of bronze age mortuary caves. On occasion he writes about himself in the third person. Peter is a PhD student at University of Southampton researching social aspects of maritime technology. He is also head underwater archaeologist for the Cave Archaeology Investigation & Research Network (CAIRN) and archaeological Director-at-Large for the Albanian Center for Marine Research. Peter is a Federal Qualified Principal Investigator (US) in maritime archaeology and listed on the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA).