Rise of the ACRG editors

If you crave archaeological computing news and original articles then you are in the right place. From this month onwards a different ACRG member will edit the ACRG blog each month. They will make you aware of events, calls for papers, new publications, and describe all of the great new work that is being done constantly by ACRG members.

Matt Harrison will take the helm in October. Matt is a PhD student at the ACRG, his interests include procedural modeling and the visualisation of ancient cities. His personal project focuses on the visualization and analysis of Medieval Cairo.

Gareth Beale and Nicole Beale will be your editors for November. Both are PhD students and ACRG members. Gareth goes to great lengths to understand physically accurate 3D rendering procedures and how they can be applied to archaeology. The translucency of marble and the true colour of ochre pigments are only some of the things Gareth can talk to you about for hours. Nicole is part of the Web Science Doctoral Training Centre here in Southampton and is a true Web 2.0 guru. Her interests include the use of social media for conferences and improving access to cultural heritage using the web.

Phil Riris will be our editor for the Christmas month of December. Phil’s PhD focuses on developing spatial analysis techniques to deal with surface finds from Pre-Columbian Northern Argentina. He might introduce us to some interesting new GIS techniques and how to integrate them with social theories.

This month, however, I will submit you to the wonderful world of archaeological network analysis (in addition to all the other archaeological computing news of course). My interests focus on exploring the potential and issues surrounding the archaeological use of formal network methods.

Feel free to comment on any of our posts.