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Multispectral world

Last weekend I spend some time with ACRG multispectral camera (converted Nikon D700). I got Hoya R72 infrared filter and walked on the fields of Western Estonia. I am very happy with results (see below). When it became dark outside I took the soldering iron and made two-led IR torch. This will be used for RTI testing later this week. One thing I found out already, you need quite long exposure time for a sharp image or/and much brighter light source. Continue reading →

Dreamtime stories

If you ever feel stressed, bored or have lack of ideas get out of the office and do some fieldworks. When you come back you are filled with energy and full of motivation. That’s at least how it has been for me. I had a great opportunity to attend to rock art documentation project in Western Australia, Kimberley with the ACRG student Eleanora and the team from University of Western Australia. Continue reading →

ACRG in Australia

Today we (me and Eleanora) gave a small presentation about ACRG at the Archaeology department in Perth, Australia. 3D work, photogrammetry and RTI projects were presented. Saturday we are off to North of Australia were we are working with Martin Porr and Annieka Skinner on rock art recording project. Continue reading →

Spreading the word about CAA and ACRG

Few days ago we hold a seminar session about the CAA2012 in University of Tartu, Estonia. There were  five of us from Estonia participating CAA conference this year, so we decided to give a highlight of interesting papers and share the conference experience with Estonian archaeological community. We got full seminar room, and not only from archaeology. Continue reading →

The secrets of Musawwarat

I was part of the team from Humboldt University, Berlin. They have been working here since the sixties. Previous works have mainly been focussing on archaeology and buildings, we took a closer look on graffiti on the walls. The team lead by Dr Cornelia Kleinitz, has been doing recording work here for several years. My job was to capture graffiti using RTI and photogrammetry. Also some of the walls were photographed with very high detail to produce high resolution composite images. Continue reading →